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Is A Lawyer Really Necessary For DUI Or Refusal Charges?

While you can always represent yourself, because the penalties for a DUI or Refusal conviction are quite severe there is a lot that an experienced DUI attorney can provide that you may not know how to do if representing yourself. Suppressing evidence, compelling discovery, obtaining a dismissal of the DUI charge, negotiating a reduced sentence, analyzing chemical tests for accuracy and procuring expert witnesses to testify on your behalf are just some of the professional tasks a lawyer can perform that you probably cannot. An attorney is also skilled in contesting issues during the administrative hearing for license suspension.

Both DUI and Refusal are criminal cases which involve complying with complex procedural rules, presentation of evidence, and protecting constitutional rights. You must also be well versed in following and applying administrative and sentencing guidelines. It is always a wise decision to put your case in the hands of an experienced DUI lawyer.

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